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I-1183 and the Alcohol Distribution Chain

Even as the various litigation questions get asked and answered to attract headlines, we are continuing to support many clients in each tier of the alcohol supply chain to deal with the changes brought by I-1183 and its implementation. The WSLCB and suppliers, distributors, and retailers are full-steam ahead on spirits privatization — including ongoing… Continue Reading

New Oregon Winery Land Use Law Signed

By Michael J. Gelardi

This week, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber signed House Bill 3280, which creates new land use rules governing wineries on farmland. This legislation is an important step forward for the Oregon wine industry and anyone who cares about sustainable agriculture. The bill does however leave several important questions unanswered.

Oregon’s… Continue Reading

Jesse Lyon on the Oregon Wine Industry, KXL’s Northwest Vine Time

This is an interesting time for the Northwest wine industry. Economic recession and a sophisticated and demanding consumer market have created unique challenges and great opportunities for winemakers throughout the region. In addition, a new executive director for the Oregon Winegrowers Association will bring new ideas and direction to the industry.… Continue Reading

The OLCC is Considering a Satellite Liquor Store Pilot Program.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is considering adopting a new satellite liquor store pilot program. The purpose of the program is to evaluate the merits of operating satellite liquor stores in smaller communities where there is a fluctuating, seasonal demand due to tourism or other factors. The pilot program will consist of up to six new satellite… Continue Reading

Scam Alert: Oregon Restaurants and Bars Are Being Targeted!

A new scam is targeting Oregon restaurants and bars!

Oregon restaurants and bars should be aware of a new scam targeting them. The scam preys on those who may have inadvertently let their business registration status or license lapse.  The scammer sends threatening letters to these businesses and demands money in exchange for not filing complaints … Continue Reading

Beer and Wine are STILL Related Goods says the US Patent and Trademark Office

Even Gallo can’t get the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to change its mind about whether beer and wine are related goods. The relatedness of beer and wine (and spirits too) is a long standing policy of the USPTO (and some federal courts) and despite the efforts of "big gun" trademark owners like Gallo, the policy still stands, see: Reading

Quick casual restaurants and coffee shops are increasingly adding alcohol to their menu. Should you?

Quick casual restaurants, such as Chipotle Mexican Grill, Burgerville, and Subway, and coffee shops, including Starbucks, are adding alcohol to their menus to attract customers and increase sales. Burgerville recently added wine and beer to one of its restaurants in Vancouver, Washington. Starbucks announced in July that it is re-branding one of its existing… Continue Reading

Tied House Laws – Washington State

The Washington State Legislature is about to pass—and the Governor is expected to sign—HB 2040. This bill effectively wipes out tied house laws in Washington. A simple example will explain the situation:

Bill owns Bill’s Distribution Inc. It distributes beer and wine in Washington. Under this new law, Bill could form his own restaurant… Continue Reading